Bold Rock Partners with National Breast Cancer Foundation

Bold Rock Hard Cider announced on July 1, 2019, that they are launching a campaign with the National Breast Cancer Foundation(NBCF) to raise money and awareness for this worthy cause. During the six-month campaign, a portion of Bold Rock Hard Cider’s sales from their Rosé styled cider will be donated to the NBCF.

The campaign is up and running in Bold Rock’s full distribution footprint, which stretches from Pennsylvania to Georgia, as well as parts of Oklahoma.

Bold Rock’s Rosé packaging has been updated to include the NBCF pink ribbon. On and off premise programming will also take place to include steal the pint events, case displays, and specialized events.

“Bold Rock is taking a step beyond crafting great cider. They are focusing on crafting awareness and action in the community. I know from personal experience that community, family, and friends make life easier when fighting a disease,” stated Elizabeth Allen, breast cancer survivor and member of the Bold Rock Hard Cider family.

Over the course of the campaign, Bold Rock Hard Cider will be hosting events in an effort to spread awareness and knowledge, and to fundraise for this worthy cause. This craft cider company hopes that in its efforts to donate to such a worthy cause, others will be inspired to contribute as well.