Be Bold. Tread Lightly. Make It Happen.

Bold Rock knows that bringing joy to people is what matters. We bring employees, customers, retailers, and distributors together engaging them in a way that makes them feel they are significant and a part of something that matters. Be Bold. Tread Lightly. Make it Happen.

We are boldly committed to the pursuit of adventure and fun. #BeBold

We are boldly committed to treading lightly on the land that provides our resources.

We are boldly committed to eliminating excuses and having a can-do attitude to make it happen.

Core Values

Local Apples, Artisan Craft, Good People

Real Apples

The apple is never too far from the tree. We source 100% of our apples from local orchards within 35 miles of our two cideries.

Real Craft

We create true craft ciders, completely free of additives, with an efficient process that turns 85% of every apple into juice.

Real People

Bold Rock was started by a southern farmowner and a New Zealand cider expert. We've been bringing people together around great hard cider since 2012.